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Comparison of Life of Pi and Macbeth

It might be odd to compare the two famous works Life of Pi and Shakespeare’s Macbeth together because these two famous pieces of works are from completely different period of time. Shakespeare’s Macbeth was written back in the middle age. On the contrary, Life of Pi is a modern work which has got its popularity in recent years because of a movie directed by An Li. However, the plot and other elements in these two great works can be compared and contrasted together.

In fact, both Life of Pi and Macbeth can be deemed as tragedies but neither of them is heart wrenching like Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare. Instead, the majority of readers do not cry out after reading these two works even though they are both tragedies. In fact, they are both profound works that provoke readers to think more deeply and contemplate various problems like life choices in extreme conditions.

In the work Macbeth, the protagonist, the Kind’s kinsman from time to time has illusions and desires that he is eager to sacrifice whatever he has to make them come true. However, for the illusions in Macbeth, it is unlike the illusions in Life of Pi. Pi has illusion because he is in need of illusions to keep on living and surviving. The illusions are the psychological reliance that Pi is in need of for good reasons. However, the illusions that Macbeth and his wife had is due to their evil doings as well as their guilty actions. They have killed and murdered people resulting in blood in their hands. As a result, the illusions that Macbeth experienced and Pi experienced are totally different stories.

It is also important to compare the main characters in both novels. In Macbeth, the main characters in the novel were clearly evil and immoral at the very beginning when we were reading the novel. Clearly, we could see that the protagonist was he negative character that the students and learners are discouraged to learn from. In fact the protagonists in the novel, Macbeth and his wife were considered to be evil and bad characters because they have murdered people for their own benefits. However, for Pi, as in Life of Pi, audiences and readers were taught to think in the opposite way. Although Pi has exposed to be the murderer of his partners in the boat and it turned out he is the one who ate his own mother in order to survive, no one was supposed to think of him as sick and cunning.

Both two murderers were deemed to be so different because of the different background and situations that they were put in. For Macbeth and the Lady Macbeth, readers all agree that they were evil and cunning because they were living in a safe place where the protagonist himself has already had a good title in the company and he solely wanted to get more benefits for himself so he brutally murdered the King and other two soldiers by the King’s side.

he overrides all of her husband’s objections by challenging his manhood, and successfully persuades him to kill the king that very night. He and Lady Macbeth plan to get Duncan’s two chamberlains drunk so that they will black out; the next morning they will blame the chamberlains for the murder. They will be defenseless, as they will remember nothing. They have chosen to do it because they are full of greed, which is a trait that we were taught not to pick up. Therefore, these two murders were cruel and evil.

On the contrary, in the case of Pi as in Life of Pi, he did the same, killing his enemies to avenge his mother. However, unlike Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, he did not do it because of greed or the desires for power. It is his desire to survive and to live that makes him choose to eat his own mother’s body and to murder the people who has killed his mum. It is human beings’ basic desire to survive in extreme conditions. For example, people will choose to do unimaginable things when they are stuck along in the desert or on the sea just like Pi.

Also, there is an interesting plot in the novel. In Macbeth, right at the beginning, we were already told that the main character Macbeth and his wife in this story were shrewd and they were plotting to murder the King. However, in Life of Pi, we were not told about his murder of the enemy in the boat until the end of the story. Clearly, putting everything clear in the beginning of the story can attract more readers because it helped making the story more exciting. However, this piece of work will end up being too ordinary or too mundane because the readers can guess or judge whatever happened there. On the contrary, the author who wrote Life of Pi put the most exciting and most thought provoking part at the end of the story. It can be a shocking turn that left readers contemplate for a long time but it can also cause some readers to give up because the majority of them will assume it is only another mundane story about adventure on the sea. As a result, some of them will give up spending time to get to know more. Instead, for Macbeth, it showed us the exciting plot about murder and stealing the King’s title, thus most readers will anticipate to continue the story to know the details.

To sum up, Macbeth and Life of Pi are both great work of tragedies. In Life of Pi and Macbeth, they both have illusions existing in the novel. However, in Life of Pi, Pi has illusions because he has to reply on positive illusions to survive on the sea but Macbeth has illusions because he has committed guilty crimes and he is too afraid of ghosts to avenge him. Also, the characters of both stories are different. In Macbeth, it is obvious to tell that the main characters are evil and cunning at the beginning but in Life of Pi, Pi is set as a model that human beings need to learn from. Also, both characters have killed people but Pi killed his enemies and eat his own dead mother because he needs to survive but Macbeth killed for his own greed and desire, which is wicked and morally wrong.


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