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Discussion of the Civil War

General Stonewall is a very important character in the war of Gettysburg. In fact, during the most chaotic period of time, General Stonewall is the general that was leading the Confederate army while the America was in the civil war. He is well known for this smart strategy of commanding the whole army and what differs General Stonewall from many other generals is that General Stonewall is not able to lead the army with his own words by giving long articles of pep talks.

On the contrary, General Stonewall can lead the army to fight the battles with his own actions as well. For example in many small battle that General Stonewall has been in, he was unlike all other generals who solely had demanded their own soldiers to run to the front and to fight against the enemies. Instead, he himself is the first person who is ready to die for the cause and die for his own nation. That is how he motivated his soldiers.

Therefore, in many of the battles guided by General Stonewall, the soldiers have been greatly motivated by their own leader. However, the tragic event had happened before the battle of Gettysburg. In fact, while he was bravely working for the army of northern Virginia, he was shot by accident in a battle. However, in the battle, he had survived because the enemy did not have enough arms and bullets. However, after he was sent to the beds of the hospitals, he was dead due to the complication of his wounds.

It is a sad ending that after the death of General Stonewall, his own army had lost the most important battle which is known as the Gettysburg battle. In fact, there are a lot of assumptions about whether the army of General Stonewall could have won the battle if he had not been dead in the battle in 1863. For me, I believe that his army would have won the battle of Gettysburg if General Stonewall had not been shot dead before the battle.

As the previous paragraph has stated that, General Stonewall is the reason why the army has a high degree of morale because he himself has actually bravely devoted to the battle himself. Many of his soldiers are always that first one that are willing to run to the front of the war to sacrifice themselves for the country. However, after the death of General Stonewall, it has caused a big problem for the soldiers’ moral. According to the history during that time, the death of General Stonewall had become a serious obstacle for the army to win the battle. The morale of the army had been lower than ever. I believe that if General Stonewall has not been dead, his army would have won the battle of Gettysburg because his soldiers would have been greatly motivated by General Stonewall’s pep talk and the team would not lost the cause due to people’s sadness.

Also, before the other side guided by General Lee had won the battle, General Lee had made a critical choice that has greatly affected the result of the army. General Lee is known to be one of the most intelligent generals who is able to change his fate with good tactics and by making proper choices. In fact, among so many small battles and wars during the American Civil War period, General Lee and his soldiers had lost the majority of the battles.

To be more concise, it means that General Lee would have lost the war if the war last for a long time. Firstly, it is obvious that his soldiers are somehow weaker than those in the Confederate army because the other side had been keeping themselves with a high degree of morale. In addition, due to the fact that the Confederate army had won a fairly larger amount of wars than the army that was guided by General Lee, as a result, if the war kept continuing for the long time, General Lee’s army would have definitely lost the battle.

However, one of the most significant events that had happened during the American Civil War period is the event called Pickett’s Charge. This is an attack that no one had ever expected to be happening. In fact, it is an attack ordered by the General Lee to attack the other side of the army guided by Feorge G. Meade. It is one critical battle that had helped General Lee to win the civil war. It is a mistake that also cause the army guided by Feorge G. Meade to suffer greatly. The majority of this soldiers in the army did not see the attack coming all of a sudden, therefore, most of had died without even being given the chance to fight back. In addition, because of the trauma and shock left by this attack that happened out of the blue, the soldiers in the army of Feorge G. Meade were seriously harmed and were too afraid to fight back.

I do not think that General Lee would have still ordered the Pickett’s Charge or that battle known as another name the Pickett’s attack on the third day of the battle. It is obvious that General Lee had captured the opportunity of the death of his own enemies’ leader. After the tragic event, the Confederate army suffered greatly, mostly emotionally. It is the perfect chance for the other side to fight back because the death of General Stonewall had caused serious psychological trauma on his soldiers. In my opinion, when a person is experiencing a sad or a tragic event, usually, it is not easy for this person to do his or her own job well since to achieve a task with great efficiency, it needs the person to be highly motivated. During that time, the military’s prospects were greatly affected and the general public’s determination and persistence had reached the weakest point.

Even for the experts who study history have seen eye to eye on the problem of the death of General Stonewall. It is commonly accepted that the death of General Stonewall did not only represent the heroism and patriotism of the Southern army. Besides, it has become the symbol of the lost cause. I believe that if General Stonewall had not been dead, he and his Confederate army would have won the war. Firstly, he had been the reason why the army is greatly motivated. Also, he has been making strategies that are helpful for the army to win. For example, he knew clearly that his enemies can not fight the battle that last for a long time, as a result, he guided his team to fight the war slowly and he knew the way to get his enemy suffer. Also, I believe he would have foreseen any possible attack if he had been alive and in that case, General Lee would not dare to try on the attack on the Confederate army because he knew General Stonewall would have prepared all things to fight back. Therefore, the Confederate army would have won if General Stonewall had not been shot to death in 1863.


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