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Pro-life or Pro-choice

In recent years, one of the most heatedly debated topics in the United States is about whether it is morally correct to allow women to have an abortion and whether the government should fund the low income woman to afford the abortion. The people are divided into two extreme groups.

There are two groups of people supporting two different views. One group claims themselves to be the pro life which means that they think the officials in the government should have the obligations to save and make sure all human lives would not be taken away by force. They are supporting the idea that even though the human life is not yet born from the mother’s belly and it had not become an infant yet, the government still had the responsibility to preserve them. For them, they do not think of abortion as simple as an operation. On the contrary, they have called the act of abortion to be the “assisted suicide” or even worse “murder”. However, for another group of people who are known as the pro-choice. This group of people agrees that it is important for them to have the right to choose what they want to do and what they think they should do. Since the so called human life in the mother’s belly is still undeveloped, it is understandable for them to have an abortion when they still cannot bring up the baby or when they were forced sexually to become pregnant.

In my opinion, I firmly support the group of people who are pro-choice based on the following reasons. Firstly, the baby is a part of the mother’s body and unless the mother really had no choice, she usually would not want to give up their own babies. Also, since the infant at that time had not really fully developed and they did not have sense or the fixed body shape. It is apparent that even though it can be seen as a human life, making an abortion should be allowed because it is the choice of the mother. However, mostly importantly, it should be noted that most of the mother got pregnant because they had been sexually abused and raped by others. In this case, many of the expecting women are either too poor to bring up a child or they are too young. They should not be forced to bear the bad result which was brought by the fault of others.

In fact, in the presidential campaign in 2016 in America, one of the candidates from the Democratic Party, Hilary Clinton had made her points and stand clear and loud. Still now in America, there is this decades-old policy known to be the Hyde Amendment dated back from decades ago.

According to the Hyde Amendment, it is mentioned that the abortion services that women are taking now in the hospital should not be funded by the federal funds. Also, there is a specific rule saying that women who are low income are not allowed to use their medical welfare to pay for their abortion. Therefore, these women have to take out hundreds of dollars out of their pockets in order to pay for the service. The presidential candidate Hilary Clinton keeps repeating that she hopes such a policy should be repealed since she think it is not fair for women.

I agree with Hilary Clinton because I think her choices are wise. This decade old Hyde Amendment actually was passed on since four or five decades ago. According to this policy, if the women whose life was already difficult gets raped or sexually assaulted by the bad people, it will make it harder for these less privileged women to “exercise their full rights.” (Alcorn, 2009)

According to Hilary Clinton as well her other supporters from the Democratic party, it is said that “any right that requires you to take extraordinary measures to access it is not right at all”. She had made such a declaration based on a lot of proves. For example, since the Democratic politicians think that it is correct to deem the choice to take an abortion as the “fundamental human rights”.

If the government truly hopes to protect its own people’s right and freedom, it is wrong for them to make the policies that would result in women being more difficult to exercise their choices. It is understandable that the government is indeed already suffering from the financial problems. Still, the responsibility of the government officials is to protect the basic right of the human beings.

I believe that the fact that the United States of America always claimed itself to be the bacon of the world is not simply boasting. However, the government had already made a lot of good choices to prove to the world that this government deserves what it is always known for. For example, in 2015, the president had passed the policy to make sure gay marriage is legalized in the country. (Alcorn, 2009)

Therefore, pro-choice is actually a good thing in many cases. If women are allowed to get the abortion that they deserve to have, it will help women and society because it is the good way to save women from the torture of the evils in the world. Besides, I believe that people should not feel ashamed to admit that they support the abortion because it is a very common phenomenon and it is the rightful choice that women choose to take in order to protect their rights.

However, for the opposite side, the group of people who firmly claimed that it is wrong to exercise abortion. According to the famous writer for the newspaper column James White, he thinks that very few people have realized the danger of the devilish practice—the abortion. As he had mentioned, in the book From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventist’s Attitudes Towards Abortion , his argument is that “Many a woman determines that she will not become a mother, and subjects herself to the vilest treatment, committing the basest crime to carry out her purpose”. ( Samojluk, 2011) To be concise, he think that s a mother who chose to give up her baby before she was born is a bloodless and cruel murderer and criminal.( Samojluk, 2011)

It is obvious that for the group of people who are the pro-life, their most fundamental argument is that they think taking away the life of the baby is too cruel and too unbelievable. To explain his arguments further, James White kept talking about the sin of the men who actually support women to have an abortion. For him, he thinks that if the men decide to help a woman get the abortion, especially if this man is the father of the baby but he also supports the abortion for his woman, then this man is more like a devil committing the worst crime. In addition, the crime for both of them is actually the same even although he only assists the murder. (Alcorn, 2009)

For the pro life group of people think that lithe life of the baby is beyond everything because every sing human life deserves to be respected no matter what had happened. Therefore, the mother is like the brutal murderer while the father is the accessory to the murder. I can understand that they support people to respect the baby’s life but I think what matters most is to protect the right of the mother, the person who is alive, instead of protecting the undeveloped form of human beings. For example, if the mother was sexually assaulted to become pregnant, it is extremely unfair to force that person to give birth to the child that she originally did not want to have. What the child is raised up is more important than whether the child is allowed to be born.

In the society, there are a lot of mothers who are forced to give birth to a child. However, they never truly want to have such a baby. The reasons are various. For example, some teenage mothers are raped by their step father or their older friends while they were not even aware of what sex really means. For this kind of females, they are in fact the victim of the current society. As a result, I do not think it is fair to impose policy on them saying that they should give birth to this child because firstly, they are not able to make money to support the life of a new child. What is worse, they child could have ended up growing up in the poor neighborhood. A lot of teenagers do not have money for abortion and they had no choice but giving birth to the baby, in the end, the baby was abandoned.

To conclude, I think that the government in the United States should allow women to have abortion because some women are pregnant because they are sexually assaulted and the women should be protected by the government. Also, it is the mother’s choice that matters because the baby in her belly is not developed yet. Besides, the government should fund the mothers for their operation, especially the low income mothers since they have already had enough troubles due to their pregnancy and they should not endure anymore hardship since it is the government’s responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens.


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